ISIS in 2018 Iraq as a Model

Introduction to the Formation of ISIS

Hisham Al Hashimi

Security expert

Since October 2010, ISIS has gone through four stages:

-   2010: formation of solid nucleus around al-Baghdadi

-   2013: Declaration of the unification of Iraq and Sham sections and separation from al-Qaeda

-  2014: Breaking the borders, declaration of allegiance to the Caliphate of al-Baghdadi and the designation of the borders of the land of Caliphate and empowerment.

-   In 2015, the start of the battles of liberation from ISIS occupation in Ard al-Tamkeen (land of empowerment) until the end of 2017, when it declared its complete defeat in Iraq, 98% of Syria, 97% of Libya and 98% of Sinai.

Four years ago, the International Coalition announced that ... .