2018-07-11 Iraq
Foreign Military Presence in Iraq
The foreign military and paramilitary presence in Iraq has become a remarkable phenomenon in the country’s political and security situation
Nabil Mohammed Salim

2018-07-12 Iraq
Iraq After ISIS
What are the Prospects for Stability and Prosperity?

2018-07-12 Iraq
Tribal Mobilization Forces in Iraq
Reality and Future Challenges
Wathek AL-Hashmi

2018-07-13 Iraq
Ethnic Balance in the Ministry of Defence (Iraqi Army – Counter Terrorism Service)
Mohammed Salman Al-Tai

2018-07-13 Iraq
Iraqi Economy
Challenges and Options Economic policies and future scenarios of economic performance
Sarmad AL - Jamil,Odey Salem,Nameer Amir Al-Sayegh

2018-11-14 Iraq
ISIS in 2018 Iraq as a Model
Introduction to the Formation of ISIS
Hisham Al Hashimi
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